Monday, 15 June 2015

New Titles

Library added 250 titles to its collection during the last fortnight, Prominent titles among them are Hindu rashtra darshan/ Savarkar, Veer; Off the record: untold stories from a reporter's diary/ Pillai, Ajith;  Fat Burn Revolution/ Buckley, Julia; Rise: creativity, the gift of failure and the search for master/ Lewis, Sarah; If it`s monday it must be Madurai: conducted tour of India/ Perur, Srinath; Impulse Society: what`s wrong with getting what we want ?/ Roberts, Paul; Incredible history of India`s geography/ Sanyal, Sanjeev; How Modi won it: notes from the 2014 election/ Khare, Harish; Flashboys : cracking the money code/ Lewis, Michael; Anticipating India : the best of national interest/ Gupta, Shekhar; Finding the space to lead: practical guide to mindful leadership/ Marturano, Janice; Fives and twenty-fives/ Pitre, Michael; Capital wars: new east-west challenge for entreneurial leadership and economic success/ Pinto, Daniel; What great brands do: seven brand-building principles that separate the best from the rest/ Yohn, Denise lee; Sea wolf/ London, Jack; Paying guests/ Waters, Sarah;  Before we met/ Whitehouse lucie; Vengeance of the warrior: nine/ Nihalani, Shobha; Drink to yesterday/ Coles, Manning; Inside the banking crisis: untold story/ Pym, Hugh

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