Thursday, 13 August 2015

New added titles

The library added about 150 books during the last fortnight. Prominent titles among them are Storyteller/ Picoult, Jodi; Magnificient delusions : Pakistan, the United states/ Haqqani, Hussain; Psychological effects of Music/ Maheta, M.P; Gas wars : crony capitalism and the Ambanis/ Thakurta, Paranjoy; Off the record: untold stories from a reporter's diar/ Pillai, Ajith; Makers of Modern Asia/ Guha, Ramchandra; Thirty one nil on the road with football`s outsiders; First firangis: remarkable stories of heroes, healers/ Harris, Jonathan; Spy among friends/ Macintyre, Ben; Long mile home/ Helman, Scott; Iron road : illustrated history of the railway/ Wolmar, Christian; Fire under ash/ Jain, Saskya; Simple cakes : delicious step-by-step recipes/ Berry, Mary; Jamie Dornan : shades of desire/ Montgomery, Alice; Golden cage/ Oswald, J.D; How to seduce a billionaire/ Costa, Portia Da; What will you give for this beauty/ Natiq, Ali Akbar; Red Sari : dramatized biography of Sonia Gandhi/ Moro, Javier; Problem of Caste/ Deshpande, Satish; Take me home/ Bansal, Rashmi; Text book of dance/ Bajpai, Gyanendra; Business maharajas/ Piramal, Gita

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