Monday, 5 September 2016

New Addition

The Library added five hundred titles to its collection during the last month. Prominent titles among them are Hot belly diet : a 30-day Ayurvedic plan to reset your metabolism, lose weight, and restore your body’s natural balance to heal itself/ Kshirsagar, Suhas, G.; From fishing Hamlet to red planet : India’s space journey/ Rao, P.V. Manoranjan, ed.; 21st century in India and unaccountable problems/ Manjuri, Nutan; Rural economy, climate change and agriculture/ Athokpam, Dorendro; Peshwa : the lion and the Stallion/ Sivasankaran, Ram; Management by motivation/ D’Cottage; Women, society and mental health : narratives of solitude/ Mahanta, Mousumi; Empire of cotton : a new history of global capitalism/ Beckert, Sven; Memories/ Leav, Lang; Soup bible/ Mayhew, Debra, ed.; Vegetable bible : practical cook’s encyclopedia/ Ingram, Christine; Number 11 : or tales that witness madness/ Coe, Jonathan; Frankenstein/ Shelley, Mary; I love me : science of self-love/ Hamilton, David R.; Maths sutra : the art of vedic speed calculation/ Tekriwal, Gaurav; Agility shift : creating agile and effective leaders, teams, and organizations/ Meyer, Pamela; Traffic & highway engineering/ Garber, Nicholas J.; Cavendon women/ Bradford, Barbara Taylor; Christiano Ronaldo : the biography/ Balague, Guillem; Flicker men/ Kosmatka, Ted

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