Friday, 14 July 2017

New Books

 The Library added 250 books during the last week. Prominent books are The  China Pakistan axis/ Andrew Small ; Pollyanna/  Eleanor H. Porter ;Bullets and bylines/ Shyam Bhatia ;The fortunate tiger/  Jim Corbett ;How the body knows  its mind/Sian Beilock ; E-commerce/ Lata  Sharma ;Body intelligence/ Joseph Cardillo ; Definitive management ideas of the year from Harvard business review2016/ Harvard Business  Review ; Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it/ Daniel Klein ;Bansi Lal ka jahaaz/  Mrinalini Patwardhan  Mehra ; Mossad/ Micheal Bar-Zohar ; Eight to great/ M K Mueller ;Mahad :The making of the first dalit revolt/ Anand Teltumbde ;What ails Indian muslims/  Murzban Jal ; Found/ Naveen Lakkur ;Soda politics/ Marion Nestle ; The war in the west/ James Holland ; Jinnah often came to our home/ Kiran Doshi ; Pakistan between mosque and military/ Husain Haqqani

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